Can children take BioBran MGN-3?

BioBran has been safely and successfully taken by children of all ages. Doses tend to be reduced in proportion to their weight to adult weight. So for example, a child that weighs 20kg might take about a third or a quarter of the adult dose.

Can pregnant women take BioBran?

Pregnant women have taken BioBran without any problems. However, Daiwa Pharmaceutical have told us that, as with any product or food, no matter how seemingly safe, until extensive tests are done on pregnant women they cannot endorse BioBran supplementation for this group.

Can I give BioBran MGN-3 to my pets?

Many people have given BioBran to their pets to strengthen immune function. We have heard of it given to mammals and birds only, although we are sure somebody who feeds it to their pet iguana will be contacting us shortly (less developed life-forms such as fish have more primitive immune systems and so it wouldn’t be recommended).

Again, as with children, the doses need to be scaled down according to weight. Use the formula of 15 mg/kg/day to have the equivalent dosage of an adult human being taking 1000 mg or 1 sachet a day.

Does BioBran pass through the blood-brain barrier?

As yet, there is no evidence that BioBran can pass through the blood-brain barrier. BioBran has a large molecular mass, much larger than glucose which can go through this barrier, and so it is unlikely that it can penetrate it. Does this mean that BioBran is of no use for someone with abnormal cell growths in the brain? No.

BioBran is still beneficial because the brain does not have a separate immune system to the body so a strengthened immune system will benefit all regions of the body to some extent. And although NK cells generally do not migrate across the blood-brain barrier, any abnormal growths in the brain would have a correspondingly increased vascularisation (and one that is more haphazard than normal vascularisation) and so NK cells are more likely to be able to reach these abnormal cells.

Having said that, there is little data available for the effect of BioBran on brain growths, although it will definitely help with quality of life of such patients. (Information from Dr. Endo in Japan.)

Can BioBran be taken during a stem cell transplant?

When someone is undergoing stem cell therapy, they are invariably on immunosuppressants to help reduce the risk of rejection of the stem cells. During this period, nothing that increases immune function should be taken. Once the stem cells have taken and the immunosuppressants have been stopped, provided your doctor is happy, BioBran can be taken to help normalize the immune system again.

Is BioBran a sterile product?

Like other natural food supplements, BioBran is not a sterile product. In fact, any process of sterilization, which usually involves high temperatures and possibly pressures, would denature the product. It is, however, made in a pharmaceutical lab and is packed by a high quality packer. So although there is extremely low bacterial content in this product, it would still be classified as very clean in comparision to other health supplements on the market.

BioBran does not contain any harmful bacteria.

Can be BioBran MGN-3 home-made?

Unfortunately, the BioBran making process is much more complex than just mixing shitake mushrooms with rice bran. The enzymes have to be isolated from the mushrooms, mixed with the rice bran and then, after a set period of time, the low molecular weight compounds of the resulting short-chain polysaccharides fractionated off. This process, therefore, is too complex to be done in a kitchen.

Is BioBran MGN-3 tested on animals?

As a Japanese company, Daiwa Pharmaceutical was legally required to perform an LD50 animal test for safety reasons. This is a one-off test conducted on rats that all new products have to go through. Whilst this test is regrettable because some of the rats are killed, it is unavoidable and a legal requirement. Without LD50 safety data, no hospital ethics committee would conduct any human trials or studies with ImunoBran, and it would certainly not be available to the public.

The other animal experiments (again with rats) that this company has performed with BioBran are “subchronic” tests to study side effects and immune system activation. With these tests, no animals are killed.

Daiwa is committed to acting both ethically and responsibly, and always keeps any animal experimentation to an absolute minimum.

Does BioBran MGN-3 contain GMO ingredients?

Absolutely not. BioBran is not genetically modified in any way and contains no GMO ingredients.