BioBran MGN-3 is a nutritional supplement made ​​from rice bran that has been modified for better absorption by an enzyme (Lentinus edodes mycelia) of the shiitake mushroom.

The enzyme is then removed during a subsequent stage of manufacture. It is thus possible to transform the long polysaccharide molecules hemicelluloses which the most active substances are likely arabinoxylans (b-1, 4 xylophyronase).

Thus, the chemical chain of the hemicellulose structure changes, so assuring an optimal absorption of Imunobran.

How BioBran works


The proteins are divided into BioBran in the stomach and into the duodenum where they are transformed into peptides and amino acids that are themselves then absorbed in other parts of the small intestine.

They come in blood as nutritive substances. It is well decomposed dextrin and oligosaccharides dextrose, also absorbed in the small intestine. However, sometimes a part of Imunobran undigested into the blood where it effects the immune cells (macrophages and lymphocytes). The rest consists of Imunobran expelled fiber body without being digested or absorbed.

How BioBran works

Mechanism of action

The starch, dietary fiber, and BioBran are classified as polysaccharides. Starch is digested by saliva, pancreatic juice, and the juice of the intestine and is absorbed in the small intestine in the form of glucose.

Dietary fiber is not digested and are returned unchanged. ImunoBran is known to be partially absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract directly, passing into the bloodstream.